Loving Ricki Lake

I have been friends with Ricki Lake for several years after being introduced to each other by  a mutual friend in Ibiza. From the moment we met, I knew that we would be friends for a very long time.  Ricki is fun, easy to talk to and a pleasure to be around as a positive soul.

Ricki is a natural optimist and bubbly character who has a big heart and wants to create good things in the world. I met her husband Christian with her in Ibiza, a place they always referred to as their happy place. They got engaged here.

She was the youngest ever talk show host in the USA and I remember watching her show as a young girl growing up and loving how she interacted with her audiences talking about issues of the day. I had great admiration for her then and this admiration has grown much more since being her friend and the things we have shared in recent years.

She loved her husband with all her heart and they were so deeply in love with each other. Christian suffered mental health issues and was bipolar. A few years ago he took his own life in tragic circumstances.  We were all shocked and left grieving about this dramatic and sad loss. Ricki spent many dark times recovering from this and found life difficult. She worked hard to move through it and now, a few years later, she has built a new life, a new home and has a wonderful loving new partner. Things are brighter for her but has still carries the scars of her loss.  She says sometimes that she feels that she will never fully recover from her loss.

I love talking with Ricki: She is so grounded and such a normal person, even with such an incredibly life story. She co-produced a documentary documenting child birth called The Business of Being Born and has been part of UK X factor, which took her way out of her comfort zone as she has never been a professional singer.  We are lucky to have had her over this side of the water and I was lucky enough to catch up with my old friend in London and find out whats been going on for her.

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