Susie Pearl

Susie Pearl

Susie is an author and podcaster on a range of topics affecting every day life.  Coming up is a series of new books including ´The Art of Creativity – the daily habits of highly creative people´, featuring interviews with David Lynch, Paul McCartney and Russell Brand and published by Trapeze, imprint at Orion publishing.  There is also a new title coming, co-authored with Jasmine Hemsley, called´True You´. This book follows the trail of how we can live more authentically and soulfully, being more true to ourselves, published by Bluebird. 

Susie is author of critically-acclaimed ´Instructions for happiness and success´ and author of ´Farmacy Kitchen cookbook´, a plant-based book about conscious eating with 90 unique vegan recipes.

She was Managing Director of Paul Mckenna and Richard Bandler’s personal development training company in London which teaches NLP to thousands of people. She was the founder CEO of one of the first celebrity and entertainment PR agencies, Kazoo Communications, now part of Done and Dusted TV group with offices around the world.

Susie has a son based in Amsterdam and she lives in Ibiza. It’s a magical island with strong energy that enchants everyone who makes the trip to come by there. Susie works as a writer in the hills of the north, enjoying a creative life with friends, plenty of music, going dancing, practising kundalini yoga, enjoying daily meditation, soaking up the sunshine and drinking a lot of coffee.

Susie is a survivor of a fierce brain tumour which was diagnosed last year and was told she had just 6 weeks to live. A year later, she is fully recovered and back to life.  She used all her mental powers to keep positive and visualise getting back to health, using all sort of techniques from meditation, reiki, hypnosis and CBD.  She is now back home learning to integrate into a new life with a completely changed view about life and living following this intense experience.

Writing about spiritual ideas and lifestyle is her passion.  And so is having great conversations with brilliant and inspiring people.


There’s a sparkling line up of guests to listen to on this first series of podcasts.  

We begin with iconic film director and artist David Lynch..

David Lynch

Iconic and universally loved film director, music maker and artist talking about his foundation and getting TM meditation out to the world, creativity and The Art Life. We talk about The Art Life, where ideas come from and how to capture your ideas and make them work for you.

Ricki Lake

Ricki hosted her own talk show across America and is a household name in the US. She talks about her life, her struggles and how she has got her life back on track after her beloved husband took his own life following his a struggle with mental health issues. Its a raw chat and it looks at how to deal with extreme grief and get life back on the rails after trauma.

Susie met Ricki and her husband years ago in Ibiza and was good friends with them both. Susie and Ricki were together in London when Ricki received the shocking news about her husband. She is still recovering from the shock and pain of what happened to her husband.  She is now embracing life and learning how to have fun and smile again.

Jasmine Hemsley

Food writer and sustainable fashion icon, Jasmine is a best-selling author of three food books and a new book coming out next year with Susie Pearl. Jasmine invented a new look for nutritious food made easy with her Channel 4 TV series and many media appearances and has put the Ayurveda style of living in the spot light.

Susie and Jasmine are friends and co-authors. They have known each other for 15 years, and friends since the day they met. The have a real and honest conversation about how to reduce stress, determine your body type in Veda terms and discuss ideas on how to make changes to lifestyle to get more calm, relaxed and get into balance.

Bob Roth

Bob is the CEO of the David Lynch foundation and a New York Times bestselling author.   Bob has taught thousands of people meditation, including Oprah, Tom Hanks and Russell Brand. He is the most sought-after meditation teachers in the USA and talks about the latest insights on mind technology.